Sunday, November 16, 2008

Warren Buffet Go Shopping for Energy Stocks

It's in the news, The Trader Guru Warren Buffet start a hunt on Energy stocks. Using his financial Company's Berkshire Hathaway, he acquire 17,5 million of Conoco Shares. Could it means bottom has reached ?

However, the tycoon has made some statement he is doing this for a long term stake. Just curious how long is his long term anyway. For your insight my fellow reader, these days, oil exporting nation suffer for a massive decrease in oil price caused by economic slowdown in many major-oil-importing-nation, just go googling, you'll find news saying that Japan, German, Britain has gone to depression.

For Indonesia, this could be good, since we are a net importing nation. Well, at least theoretically.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Forum on Finance and Economy [in Bahasa]

Yesterday I start a new forum, it's, frankly speaking, the forum still empty and i'm in a process of persuading people i know have competence in finance/economy topics. The process this far is going well, i got researcher from Gadjah Mada University joining my band [nickname : hamdy] he moderate news forum. While another friend of mine [nickname : p3ni] moderate forum on practical finance. I'm in a process to persuade another friend with IT background to help me run the administration, hope he will agree my offer.

For any of you speak in Bahasa and have a decent time and power to join, i hope [beg] you to join our team. Just register at the forum and PM me.

i plan this forum also have some educational resource, there is a forum on basic finance. Geezzz, i hope i have the power to go on. Wish me luck everybody!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

what if the worst happen to you

I read in the news lately that fed rates cut have stimulate further economic expansion in US, this is truly a good news. I hope that there will be much more good news then. By rates cut, company will be encourage to expand it's business (price for having debts will be less expensive). Therefore more jobs will be created, more consumption triggered, and thus the economy expand.

But that story is just some ideal, no body knows how some factors affect economy. the above paragraph is only held true assuming ceteris paribus (other factor remain constant). We still have no vision what the tomorrow will be. Just in case you ended jobless in this shaky moment, here some nice blogs on how to earn from Internet.

It's make money on line blogs that may come handy for you. Just a word of warning, you are not alone in this jungle of net. Make a decent protection for you system and your account, there are thief out there waiting for you to bets your precious bucks.

Good Day and take care.

Friday, October 31, 2008

A Good Day to Die [in The Crisis]

Die.... no man! seriously, that's just a bombastic title to distract you [honestly, honour yours and others life]. Now i want to talk something about Indonesian economy again. This time about indonesian company profit.

Well as you my fellow analyst may aware 2007-2008 truly is a golden period for Indonesia, after recovered from a monetary crisis started at 1998, Indonesian firm finally could move on and focus on expansion once again [rather than trying to fix the 1998 mistake], banks credit growth achieve its peak at this period, And it is very lucky for us that the US crisis got it's final breakout on the 4th quarter of this financial year. Assuming the growth was good in the previous quarter, i bet you that there will be a nice amount of shiny golden -great growth- financial statement for this financial year. This could be a good boost to stock market [however the final statement usually out at March].

Look at the fact i gather from [you can search for the ticker abreviation in Yahoo! Finance [add .jk suffix]] :
- CMNP gain IDR 92 bn for it's 3rd quarter profit [76% from target]
- Lippo Karawaci had a y-o-y profit growth of 14%
- UNTR book profit of IDR 2 tn for it's 3rd quarter [y-o-y rise for 89%]
- Astra International profit is IDR 9 bn higher that it was on the previous year

Just hope guys!!! this crisis period is not long enough to crush those achievement. I hope in 2009 companies have enough time to fix things destroyed in the current crisis before the annual financial report made [for 2009 financial year].