Sunday, March 2, 2008

opinion :: price hiking in Indonesia

Just this weekend me and my family go shopping for our routine consumables. Usually it cost about somewhere between 250K to 300K IDR for 2 weeks consumables consist of my baby's consumables (diaper, milk, cotton balls, etc) and few goods for me and wife, But at that time it cost me nearly 500K IDR for my usual stuff. It worry me so i collect few fact on Indonesia's Inflation.

Judging from the trend it is obvious that we experiencing a sharp rising in inflation, not that spiral inflation high or one-shot inflation high like it is in the past, but still it's a price hike. You can fetch the inflation detail here it's in Bahasa thought, so here is the summary of it as of January 2008 :
  • Food 2,77 percent,
  • Processed Food, Cigarette and Tobacco 2,02 percent,
  • Housing, water, electricity, oil and gas 1,80 percent,
  • Cloth 2,31 percent,
  • Health 0,72 percent,
  • Education, Recreation and Sport 0,01 percent
  • Financial Service, Transportation and Communication 0,24 percent.
And now for the worst part of this log. I just found that in accordance to the inflation fact, Central bank has expected to raise the interest rate. This would mean a slowdown in our economy since ID's economy still recovering from 1998's crisis that LDR is plummeted to lower than 50%, These days we experience a relatively high growth for fact that lower rate had lure more businessman expand their business using the bank's money (debt).


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I think you're right most of the facts are true. I would also like it again, carefully think about

Rackmount LCD said...

I personally think that SBY will win the election again. True that his decision on price rise on daily used materials specially on food and fuel hike was unpopular, but it's for the good of this country. Once people realized that, they will vote for him. Again, personally, i think he's still the best candidate among the choices what we have right now..

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