Thursday, October 30, 2008

everyday life in energizing Jakarta of Indonesia

Hi there, i think it's a good idea to talk about Indonesia since I already decided to take a break to my financial life. [ well if i can't/wouldn't talk 'bout finance it's a good idea to talk about Indonesia, right ! ]. Indonesia, the rest of Indonesia to be frank is some honest, peaceful and quiet place. We do have our share of conflict [ Which country are not, anyway ] But to be exact, it's a very cozy place you know, the beauty of nature combined with the massive cultural heritage of Indonesian tribes. And don't get me wrong, we are not some uncivilized remote country with a grass wearing people, well at least not me [ i can get online, see..!! ].

You can read a lot how culture mixed with industrious life in Ivy soraya . She tells lot of "modern thing", yet she is not bad at discussing our custom. You can read about Sabang Island [the most western island of Indonesian Archipelago], yet you can read also about the crowdness of Jakarta city, how she start find a "kost-kostan" [dormitory], how she make her living in Jakarta and much more of it, or maybe...... about her "Elling Bra" instead ^_^].

Sweet charming personality i guess, open to many roads ahead. Nice blog sis!


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