Thursday, October 30, 2008

Privy the Grey News Site

There is always a room for a creativity in blog, won't you agree with that?

Still in my relaxation period, from world financial crisis that affect all that is dear to me, i find it very amusing to walk around blog from all over the world. I gladly report to you that i found this blog Privy, I don't know, my 6th sense telling me that this blog owned by Indian or at least a Pakistani blogger (i get that feeling from pictures displayed by the web). What get my attention most was the Financial Crisis tag (in the sidebar). Well if you want to keep relax i guess you should get away from this tag, since it welcome us with many (so many) sad stories about how the crisis affect company and individual in the most sad manner.

for the owner, i salute you that you gather so much about how the crisis affect people. And for the blog, i can say that you have a nice and decent taste for blog facing. not to shabby, not at all. just that your website giving me creeps of sad emotion (may be because of the grey thing), and this is enhancing the "financial crisis tag effect".

btw, that's a compliment OK


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I agree with you that after see the pictures, that Privy blog seems to be owned by any indian or any pakistani blogger.

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