Wednesday, October 29, 2008

update to mortgage article blogs

update to my previous "blog on mortgage article", i found this Mortgage and More Blog. The Blog have some decent article about personal loan management and also about the mortgage itself. However, some patient proven to be useful here, since "the more" parts of this blog often are not related to mortgage and personal loan. The blog design not so cool, but however that's not so important if you seek knowledge, right!

While read this blog, i found that the perspective of this blog owner is acceptable at certain aspect. However double check the fact printed on this blog. Use google or other common information source (wiki, other search engine, etc) to double check the number.

Moreover, if you need to find some honest, earthly and informative blog on mortgage and personal loan, you can stop by this blog.

Hey, leave message that i drive you to that blog okay! Just to notice him that there is nice people outthere (like me ^_^), maybe...... just maybe, he will give me something in return.


The Mortgage & More Blog said...

This for the mention of my website. With that said, if you have questions about the facts of anything that I write, please feel free to ask.

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