Thursday, May 1, 2008

Chances behind the issue of ITE Bill

Just a few days ago, the ITE Bill got approved by our parliament (DPR), honestly speaking, the topics a bit out of our finance, economy and business topics range, but however indirectly this bill has change playing fields within our nation especially ICT context. you can find the bill here (in Bahasa Indonesia) and the discussion here.

By this bill government has acknowledge much more the important of ICT in Indonesia, and furthermore uphold rules in it, thus violation could be minimized. the implication further strengthen the law upholding process within ICT framework. some has fear that this bill will constrain the freedom that blogger once have. Under this bill you may aware of Fitna movie blocking by Indonesian government few weeks ago.

Within Economy and Business context you may aware that now government require a resgistration of ICT based transaction guarantor such as verisign. in my opinion this would encourage investor to establish such company in Indonesia rather than rely on overseas establishment.


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As economy standards have changed in a few past years, the crisis has increased. Also it has affected our society and many more.

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