Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Writing Contest : Article on Banking

theme : Chances and Problem of Indonesian Banking Industry in the future.
sub theme : Strategy for banking industry to win the competition.

Discussion boundary : any aspect of management, technology, information, banking, marketing, human resource, capital market, risk management, service and product

Condition to meet :
- Contest open for public
- The writing is in Bahasa Indonesia
- The writing should be original and never made public in any media
- 8-14 pages of A4 paper, double line spacing, writing style : popular science, any text doesn't
meet technical condition will be disqualified.
- Sent to the committee at least at 30th of November 2008 both soft and hardcopy labeled
"Lomba Penulisan Artikel Bank & Management" in top left corner of the envelop.
- Any writing will be claimed as committee ownership and will be rewarded by cash if shown in
- Winner will be announce at Banking and Management magazine at March-April edition
- Jury decision is absolute and not an object for question.

Prize :
1st winner 10.000.000 IDR
2nd winner 7.500.000 IDR
3rdwinner 5.000.000 IDR
4thwinner 3.000.000 IDR
5thwinner 2.000.000 IDR
6thwinner 1.000.000 IDR

Address for sending the writing :
Panitia Lomba Penulisan artikel Majalah Bank dan Manajemen
Divisi Pelatihan dan Pengembangan BNI
Gedung BNI Lt.4 Jl. Lada No. 1 Jakarta Kota 11110


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